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CDZ is not just a recruitment agency for SAP professionals, we also generate leads and teach sales techniques to technical staff and business leaders.


The Journey So Far

CDZ’s founder, Mark has over ten years experience working in recruitment for SAP professionals. He has worked with over sixty different companies and placed over 150 SAP professionals. CDZ aspires to become the very best at facilitating introductions.

In 2018 Mark went through a divorce which caused him to re-evaluate his life and how he wanted to be an influence for good in the lives of others. Mark was unhappy with some of the business practices he had seen in the world of tech recruitment and he wanted to stand up for honesty, integrity and transparency in the sector. He also wanted to place SAP professionals in the right jobs where they would do their best work, not simply as a means of getting his cut.

During a family discussion, Mark’s six year old twins Charlie and Zac suggested the name CDZ. Because Charlie, Dad and Zac are always stronger together.

Subsequently, in August 2020, CDZ was born.

Where We’re Going

CDZ is creating an award-winning culture with a healthier, more transparent environment where everybody wins. The desire to help Tech companies scale fuels our different programmes and we accelerate people by placing them in companies where they can deliver the most impact.
CDZ also help clients win business, by introducing / facilitating introductions to win new business and coach technical staff and business leaders in successful sales technique. 
CDZ is all about winning together.

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