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Welcome to CDZ Group! Where we invite you to share in a vision and dare to dream big. 

Imagine a business world of collaboration, transparency, authentic partner networks and high performance cultures. A world built on autonomy and mastery, where people work together towards a clearly articulated common goal. CDZ was founded by an introvert who learned to play to his strengths and grew through adversity. As a result, CDZ is a meaningful, purposeful brand. One where people and tech businesses rise together and everyone benefits from winning. Furthermore, CDZ is run by authentic, resilient people who are not afraid to show vulnerability. That’s why we believe in a world of Co-Elevation, Connectedness, Transformation, Transparency and the power of an authentic network. 

It’s time to challenge the status quo and change the narrative. It’s also time to expect more from your recruitment partner and your leadership team. And, working with us, you can deliberately contribute to a brighter future. 

We are building a tribe of tech people that gives back to the community by investing in children’s personal growth. And we believe communication is the number one skill to learn. Because it’s fundamental to a child’s ability to articulate their true feelings. 

Throughout the year, our entire team spends time volunteering and taking part in fundraising activities where we get to serve others, from our hearts. 

So, what can you expect from CDZ? Well, in addition to great hires, others have reported noticing other benefits too. For some, there have been a number of profound changes in the way they think, feel and function since engaging with us.

It’s because we encourage you to explore outside your comfort zone and experience new ways of thinking.

Our aim is to empower and release technology companies. Also to help them to build their own internal team for sales and recruitment. In fact, it’s this approach that helps business leaders to optimise efficiency. Especially in the early stages of business development. CDZ also offer leadership coaching, both in the area of sales, tech recruitment and business development.

MAKE GROWTH YOUR ULTIMATE GOAL – Human and Business. All the best from CDZ and we look forward to accelerating your success story. 

Top Ten Tips for an Authentic First Impression

CDZ have been in tech recruitment long enough to know that first impressions do count. Enough to get someone’s attention. But is there more that you can add to a wonderful smile and winning good looks?

CDZ can give you some great tools to make sure your first impression count.

Less selling and more serving.

One of the things that is important to all businesses, post COVID, is a quest for meaning (as well as money). Why not think about how you can bring your A game to the company you work for and create an impact, at the same time as making an income?

Be dressed for a real room, even if it’s on Zoom.

We’ve all had days like those newsreaders wearing surf shorts and flip flops. Juggling family and Netflix sleep ins. Or maybe the washing machine genuinely broke, leaving you in joggers. Even for your recorded video, it’s important to dress to impress. Not in 80’s power suits but always asking the question, am I giving my best? When we get dressed right, we feel better. So, treat a video as if you were actually going to the face to face interview. Apply the same standard to your outfit for video as you would for face to face.

Lighting transforms your mood.
Blair Witch Project type lighting may make you memorable, but a bit scary (a touch under your face, with a slightly panicked look). Ring lights are inexpensive and they cast a great light around your face. They reflect more of the natural light you would associate with being in the office.  Also, make sure the room is well lit and don’t sit with a window behind you… you will be over exposed as the camera tries to focus on the light.

Make sure your internet works (if COVID necessitates a LIVE online interview)

Not everyone is going to invest in the type of internet that could run a social network, but it really pays you to ensure that your connection is working. You can search the web for speed tests, but the best way is to try and call an hour before. Find someone you can use the same tech with prior to the video. It helps you relax and not look worried that things might switch off at any moment. Oh, and ensure to charge your laptop or at the very least plug it in. You don’t want to be exiting the interview room in a hurry (unless you’re facing Claude from The Apprentice).

Being honest allows you to be authentic

If you don’t know the answer to a question, or you need clarity, ask the interviewer. We often have misconceptions that the interviewer is trying to catch us out rather than looking to hire us. They want to know more about you so tell the truth. When you are content just being you, authenticity creates confidence. 

Focus on fit and not size
Sometimes an SAP role that is advertised isn’t the right fit for you. Salary, holidays, etc are all important but the size of the package shouldn’t be the only thing we look at. The real question to answer is, can I help the company win whilst I win too?

Video is the gateway, not the all

Ultimately, we are created to be together. Work has changed, and that might mean two days a week in an office and three at home. The reality is that we will meet in person at some point. Always ask yourself the question, will I do my best work here? Ultimately, we want to see companies be all they can be and help you into the kind of job where you look forward to Monday.

So, when it comes to video, test and trial as many times as you feel comfortable. Relax. Video isn’t for everyone, but it’s a skill we are all learning together.

So, if you see an SAP job that really grabs your attention and you want to discover more, then book an appointment with one of the team today so we can help you embrace a new chapter in your life. Ready?… Lights, camera, action.


90 Reasons to Cultivate Trust

At CDZ we have a rather unusual invoicing system, unique in the tech recruitment sector. It’s a reflection of how confident we are that we can find SAP professionals who will fit your tech company. CDZ do all the work and we don’t invoice you until 90 days after placement.

We firmly believe in our (progressive) process and are willing to back it by taking much of the risk from you and putting it onto us. That’s what true partners do, right? They look out for the best for each other. We know that making the wrong hire for a SAP job can actually derail your progress as a growing tech company.

So, we’ll work with you to place the right SAP candidate in your tech business and our bill isn’t due until 90 days have elapsed. That way, you’ll have had time to see if your new hire is going to work out and they’ll have brought in some money to support themselves! It’s this process that has enabled us to build with some of the UK’s fastest growing tech companies and it’s making CDZ a trusted name.

So, aside from cashflow, here are some other ways we can help you.

We place for the long-term

Tech recruitment firms get a bad rap for placing people and then after 9 months, tapping up the employee for the next move, but that’s not us. We ask the bigger questions at the start to ensure we are not looking for replacements.

Leading on purpose for purpose

We are a firm believer that doing things for the right reasons results in growth. That’s why we work with tech companies that are committed to creating a positive impact in their sector. We want the good people to win and we remove any friction. Purposeful companies are proven to be more profitable than those that only focus on cash and not cause. Reshaping a sector, influencing a market positively or even revolutionising the way we operate daily are all causes we celebrate. People, Purpose and Planet get us up in the morning! 

Get to know each other first!

Have you ever received a sales pitch shortly after the dreaded LinkedIn add? It makes me think of asking someone to marry on the first date – a bit creepy and it erodes trust. We believe that over the course of 90 days you will see the very best and (occasionally) the not so great days. It takes time to confirm that both parties are delighted. 

90 degrees helps give you the right perspective

When you take people on there are many things to consider and adjust. I’m a great fan of the team building process: forming, storming, norming and performing. Whenever you add someone to the team you’ll repeat the process.

Forming allows for everyone to find their role and get comfortable. Then, storming is when things don’t go to plan and we deal with different personalities and solve challenges. Next, norming is where we are stronger together having weathered the storm. Finally, performing is where everyone hits the winning rhythm together. 

As a Manchester United fan, I love the fact that the later the game gets, the more the opposition fear the end of the 90 because the team gets stronger as time goes on. With CDZ you’ll experience a similar effect. As the 90 days progress you won’t look back and wonder why you you made the hire, because they’ll be adding to the strength of a team that will go for trophies.

CDZ Group focus on helping you to win in the right way and we commit to ensuring you have the right players for the journey. So, this summer, if you are looking for a few great signings, we have our scouts out to help you ascend the league table in your sector.

Get in touch today and book an appointment to see how we can help you build a winning team.