Warm leads and pipeline conversions for your tech company

Connecting people for optimum results and growth


At CDZ we work within a trusted network of successful businesses and we can help you with warm leads and pipeline conversions.

Facilitating Introductions

A discovery call with us will determine which products and/or services you want us to help you to sell. With your audience clearly defined we can then provide you with warm leads. The right people will give you access to your audience. 

Whether it’s warm leads you’re looking for or pipeline conversions, we can help.
Or maybe you need help with prospecting, identifying who you need to be talking to. Forget ‘cold calling’ using LinkedIn, CDZ already have relationships with the people your business needs to connect with. CDZ can ‘leap frog’ you to having real conversations as opposed to impersonal electronic communications.
So, if your pipeline is dead, call CDZ!

We Can Help

Warm introductions to key decision makers are what CDZ do best. And, it’s relatively low risk and low cost.
You’ll be taking advantage of our established, 10 year old network. We can offer you four qualified (warm) leads a month and you’ll experience improved conversion rates within the first 90 days. We can guarantee that at least 1 in 3 of our introductions will convert and all are high net worth, 5-6 figure opportunities.