Tech talent in tune, not just noise

Elevate your Tech recruitment and transform your SAP company.


We are a trusted associate for tech companies and we care about recruiting the right SAP professionals for each organisation.


You’ll notice straightaway that the CDZ brand of SAP recruitment is refreshingly different for both SAP professionals and employers.

Our aim is to recruit SAP professionals for jobs which are right for them. So, this is why we give time for people to settle in and start doing their best work before we even ask for any money from the employer. In fact, we’ll only invoice after 90 days, giving everybody time to see if the placement is a good fit.

It’s a privilege to be able to say that we are making a contribution to a future generation of great SAP professionals. Because every time CDZ successfully places a SAP professional we pay for a young person to undertake a David J P Phillips online communication course. We know that great communication skills are an asset for any young hopeful!


We value our SAP professionals and we want you to be successful and happy in your job. Nobody benefits from hires that leave after 2-3 months. This is why we ask our candidates to make a short video clip of themselves explaining why they are right for the role, before going for an interview.

If you are looking for a job in SAP we’d love to hear from you. Please upload your CV and contact us for more information on our current career moves.

We get results with our recruitment process because we seek to place our candidates in companies where they can make the biggest impact. Our process always involves:
  • Extensive research 
  • Rules of engagement 
  • Clear timelines and expectations 
  • 48 hours call back
  • Tailored interview process 

We give you, the employer 90 days before payment is due. There is no rebate after this period has elapsed. During this time period, the candidate and the employer can have important, formative conversations and develop a positive and constructive working relationship.

At CDZ we are always looking for the right fit, and we work within a network of trusted associates. So, we’re not just going for quick hires as we know that can mean quick fires.

We’d love you to become part of our thriving tech tribe!