Proven methods not just trade secrets

Coaching you for success instead of keeping the principles of progress locked away


What do you actually want? And, why do you want it?
For some it’s simple, they want to be better at sales. Others, it’s setting business goals or knowing which direction to take that represents a challenge. CDZ coaching can help.

CDZ Relate

Many people experience a lack of direction, some say a lack of vision or inspiration. The daily grind has become just that. And, it’s difficult to break out because a fear of failure or limiting belief systems are holding you back.
CDZ coaching offers you a 90 day engagement with a weekly review and monthly face to face meeting. You’ll get direction, confidence and clarity and be able to identify what your goal really is.
CDZ helps you to improve your communication, networking and listening skills, all of which make for a better salesperson. We also work on soft skills such as sales emotional intelligence.

Going Places With CDZ

So, what are you aiming at? What exactly do you want to achieve in terms of growth and increase in sales? And do you believe that you have what it takes to get there? 

It can be quite difficult to admit to it when your own sales skills are lacking. We can help. Creating a safe space/environment for people is an important part of CDZ’s offering. We can help you to win business by coaching you on relevant aspects of sales and deliver what you need to grow your business.