Executive insight with flair not flares

Elevate your leadership and transform your company.


The cost of some leadership courses can make business leaders hesitate, even though their struggles are very real. CDZ can advise on many aspects of high level leadership and help you put together a scalable business model.


CDZ can educate you as to which key roles need to be delivered and how (including sales and recruitment) and help you to put boards into place. Scaling your business can be a bit chaotic. 
CDZ can help you to avoid more expensive methods and learn to identify the right leaders and promote from within. 

Promotion through an organically grown leadership pipeline can be a very successful strategy, as well as recruiting externally.
CDZ helps companies to evolve and release by lighting the rocket for you! We have identified that companies can struggle to scale by promoting from within and we will use our experience to guide you through the process successfully.
In the position of leadership it can be lonely at the top. It’s for this reason that CDZ offer our mastermind sessions focused around all things tech from scaling to exiting.