Sales tools for now not yesterday

Elevate your training and transform your Tech company.


CDZ train your staff to sell. Technical consultants are not always gifted in the area of sales but with CDZ sales training they can be!

Education in Sales

CDZ not only teaches your people the process of selling, we train them how to identify needs and opportunities. Often opportunities to ‘up sell’ are missed with existing clients. With CDZ sales training you can scale your current activities and take the pressure of yourself as the business owner. There’s no need to take on expensive sales professionals at an early stage of your business development if your consultants have been trained to do the selling for you.

Our Approach

CDZ’s approach is very much solutions focussed and practical. Our sales training is workshop based and can be carried out virtually or face to face in person, with teams or individuals.
CDZ offers 90 minutes of training broken into 3 x 25 minute blocks (with breaks).

The follow up process in the four weeks after the course includes access to CDZ trainers on an informal, ad hoc basis as well as a bi-weekly follow up for 6 weeks. Finally, there’s another 90 minute session in the same format as the first.

Success stories will be shared in the second session.